Thursday, 29 September 2011

My culinary experiences (Part one)

When it comes to eating out I’ve always thought that I have reasonable skills. I’m familiar with the basic etiquette, like using your cutlery from the outside, folding the napkin neatly on your lap and not making those funny noises that the kids enjoy so much. That little bowl with the warm water and lemon slice is not a fancy new soup and you don’t pick your nose,...uhm, well, if you absolutely have to then at least do it when nobody is looking. That just about sums up everything I know about dining out. But one is never too old to learn. I discovered this little known fact shortly after my loving wife and I arrived at the company annual dinner.

My kulinêre ervarings (Deel een)

As dit kom by uiteet, het ek gedink ek is orraait. Ek ken mos die basiese etiket, soos om altyd met die buitenste mes en vurk te begin eet, die servet netjies op jou skoot oop te vou en nie geluide te maak waarvoor die kinders so lekker kan lag nie. Daai bakkie met warm water en 'n suurlemoen skyfie is nie 'n fancy nuwe sop nie en mens krap nie in jou neus nie, ...uhm, wel as jy regtig móét, doen dit dan net wanneer niemand kyk nie. Dis omtrent die som totaal van wat ek geweet het. Maar mens is mos nooit te oud om te leer nie. So ontdek ek toe hierdie min bekende feit kort nadat ek en vroulief by my werk se jaarlikse dinee aangekom het.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The copper from Glen Waverley

When I first wrote about this we were in Australia for about 8 months. It is now almost 4 years since we set foot, but I still have much to learn about the country, its people and rules. At the time of the incident described below we lived in Melbourne, just off High Street Road, one of the main arteries going into Melbourne. From High Street Rd you would turn in to Glen Tower and then turn right into Camden Court to reach our humble abode. It was in Glen Tower where we would often find a representative from the welcoming committee of the Victoria Police, patiently waiting for the unfortunate soul who might inadvertently stray into Glen Tower from High Street Rd, between the hours of 7:30am and 9:00am, weekdays. Apparently you are not allowed to do this.